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    Fenghuang Tourism is affiliated to Zhangjiagang Hetian Tourism Culture Creative Development Co., Ltd., founded on May 23, 2019, with a registered capital of RMB 2 million. Our office is located at No.04, Building 4, the Visitor Center, Tianzhuang North Street, Xinglong Road, Fenghuang Town. We have various products and a professional sales team to provide high-quality service for our customers.
          Fenghuang is located in the south of Zhangjiagang City, a national civilized city. Xitong Expressway, National Highway 204 and Suyuzhang First-class Highway run through it from the north to the south. The Yanjiang Expressway connects the east and the west. The convenient transportation and profound culture attract hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the country to visit Fenghuang for sightseeing.
        “Heyang mountain scenery is like a painting, with magnificent gullies and cliffs; The columns have no sound of the crane, but the springs attracted stay of phoenix.” Today’s Fenghuang has Tianzhuang Ancient Street, Yongqing Ancient Temple in forest, magnificent Ten Thousand Mu of Peach Garden, Heyang Folk Song Museum in countryside scenery, Golden Phoenix Hot Spring Resort and many other tourist resources. In 2011, Phoenix Mountain Scenic Area was included in national AAAA-level tourist scenic areas. In 2013, it was awarded the title of Jiangsu Self-driving Tour Base.
          Tourists can enjoy the beautiful flowers, songs and gallery by self-driving tour in the ancient streets and temples in ancient Fenghuang Town. They can drive in the Fenghuang Town filled with the fragrance of peach blossom, and quietly taste the famous Jiangnan town with ancient and modern charm. They can enjoy the thousand-year-old Heyang folk songs and feel the unique charm of Jiangnan folk songs; walk along the winding slate-paved ancient street and feel the cultural heritage of the scholars' hometown; visit Yongqing Temple, a thousand-year-old Buddhist temple from the Southern Dynasties; feel the Buddhist atmosphere and listen the matin bells and vesper drums; visit the Ten Thousand Mu of Peach Garden to enjoy peach blossoms in spring and taste Fenghuang peaches in summer. Fenghuang Town in Jiangnan is waiting for you!

    Phoenix Tourism covers six major parts of Phoenix Mountain Scenic Area, Red Bean Trees, Peach Garden, and Golden Phoenix Hot Spring Resort

    Integration of landscape, humanities, ancient charm and modernity

      Tianzhuang Ancient Street: She witnessed three hundred years of history, with white walls and grey tiles presenting antique charm. The completely restored Bangyan Mansion, Holy Archway of Yang’s Family, Stele Garden and other ancient buildings are next to the ancient streets and in harmony with the ancient bridges and piers. The grey slate-paved streets are writing the poems of lilac color in the drizzle of Jiangnan; the carved wooden windows and doors are telling the stories of the past; the ancient and delicate patio shows the brilliant historical moments; many celebrities of the ancient town walked by it... When you walk in Tianzhuang, the old street will show you all the memories, lead you to travel through the time and recall the prosperity of the past.

      Yongqing Temple: Yongqing Temple, located at the foot of Phoenix Mountain, enjoys a history of more than 1,500 years. It is one of the “480 Famous Temples in the Southern Dynasties”, and as well-known as Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou and Jinshan Temple in Zhenjiang. Yongqing Temple is a necessary scenic spot in Fenghuang. The tourists can listen to the matin bells and vesper drums, and immerse in the charm of Buddha culture in the atmosphere of the ancient times, and feel the wonderful Buddha light of the Main Shrine Hall to achieve the peace and settlement of the mind. Every modern person who advocates simplicity and truth can find the home of the spirit here.

          Heyang Folk Song Museum: The 6,000-year-old Heyang folk songs are original works created by the civilians of Heyang region. As one of the earliest national intangible cultural heritages, the representative work "the Song of Cutting Bamboo" was performed at CCTV several times, so that all Chinese people can appreciate the irresistible charm of Heyang folk songs. Heyang Folk Song Museum is in classical style with small bridges over flowing stream, and ancient pavilions and buildings here can rival Suzhou gardens. In Heyang Folk Song Museum, tourists can learn the origin and inheritance of Heyang folk songs and enjoy the sweet voice of the singers. Tourists who are interested in those folk songs can also learn to sing from them and even perform on stage.

          Red Bean Trees: "The red beans grow in southern land. How many load the autumn trees! Gather them till full is your hand! They would revive fond memories." (Translated by Xu Yuanchong)Red beans have always been regarded as a symbol of love. According to legend, the thousand-year-old red bean tree growing in Dengjiadang in front of Zhishan Village Committee, Fenghuang Town, was planted by Xiaotong, Prince Zhaoming of the Southern Liang Dynasty. It shows the eternal love through a long history. This tree has a history of 1,500 years, and after the great changes of eras, it has bloomed and borne fruits four times since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. The blooming red bean flowers are like pink butterflies on the branches and dancing in the breeze.

              Ten Thousand Mu of Peach Garden: There is a flower sea in spring and a fruit festival in autumn. In March of the spring, the large area of peach blossoms is like a pink flower sea, in a spectacular garden. Walking through the flower path in the sweet fragrance, all tourists are indulged in the modern "peach garden". When tourists are enjoying peach blossoms, they can also claim peach trees to the farmers if they are interested, and fertilize, weed and water their claimed fields with friends and family to experience the happiness as peach farmers. In July and August, a harvest season of the peach garden, the whole garden is permeated with the sweet smell of peaches. The tourists can pick mellow peaches from the tree by themselves to experience the real “happiness of farmhouse”. Fenghuang peach is characterized by its thin peel, and juicy, sweet and fruity pulp, known as "the best peach in Suzhou." The tour in the peach garden is really a tour of green living. Fenghuang bean curd, Taoyuan chicken, farmhouse dishes and handmade desserts are all in authentic countryside flavor.

              Fenghuang Lake Ecological Park is located in Phoenix Mountain, a national AAAA-level scenic area in Fenghuang Town, Zhangjiagang City. It is in the center of Fenghuang Town as an important part of Fenghuang New Town, covering an area of 600 Mu, including 300 Mu of lake area. According to records, it’s an area of profound history and culture, with the base wine cellar from the Southern Song Dynasty, the tea house once serving Shi Nai’an and the former residence of Xiao Kui and Xiao Yinggong, both scholars in the Ming Dynasty. The construction of the lake area is guided by culture and follows the concept of ecological preservation, integrating historical and cultural inheritance, natural resource integration and beautiful ecology to build cultural scenery such as pleasant mountain and water landscape, Fengdi walking path, countryside wetland, etc. The lake and mountain landscape is like a splendid painting of Fenghuang in Jiangnan.

                  Golden Phoenix Hot Spring: The health-care hot spring "South Jiangsu No. 1" is from the water 1,206 meters deep underground and contains various minerals, so it is also known as "Spring of Youth and Longevity". According to legend, Monk Jian Zhen in the Tang Dynasty took the spring water for bath after he was blind, and then gradually his eyes could see slightly. Sun Chengen's parents took the spring water and thus their son was born and took the lead in the imperial examination. Golden Phoenix Hot Spring Resort was designed following the ancient Chinese Zen concept, mainly focusing on the decoration of exquisite landscape, with high standard rooms, hot spring bathing houses, holiday villas, restaurants and shopping center. It won the title of "the Best International Holiday Resort of 2009". The hot spring resort currently has 44 indoor bathing houses, in three different designs including Japanese and Chinese styles. Each hot spring pool is unique. There are also 56 outdoor hot spring pools including fish treatment pools, floral pools and dynamic pressure pools. You can enjoy the melodious music and have a good rest in the hot spring water, and the best service provided by the resort will allow you to immediately remove all the exhaustion and annoyance, and keep far away from all the secular hustle and bustle. It’s really a relaxing paradise for modern people.